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Un quiz (en anglais) sur l’histoire de Second Life, par Canary Back, sur son blog.

Canary Beck

At "Linden Lab HQ" on Battery Street. At « Linden Lab HQ » on Battery Street, San Francisco.

I’ve just had the most amazing time at what I consider to possibly be the most important LEA installation I’ve had the pleasure to experience. I’m busy writing a review post about my many visits over the past couple of days, but whilst I was fact-checking, I couldn’t help but think this would make a fun quiz!

Are you ready to test your knowledge of Second Life History?

All of the questions in this quiz can be answered by visiting the LEA17 Second Life History exhibit called « The Greatest Story Ever Told » curated by Sniper Siemens. You might enjoy having this quiz open as you visit the exhibit, or if you’re a very brave super-genius, try it before you go! The exhibit runs from Feb 7 to May 31, 2015, so don’t delay!

Note: I have no official affiliation with Sniper…

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Furry Fair 2014 ~ Opens March 1st!

Sparkie Cyberstar Photography

I got a sneek peek at Furry Fair created by PotPourri Markets, owned by Taylor Flanagan and chloe Seljan. They are the creators of Pumpkin Town 2013 and Snowville 2013 and more. I personally met them because they love to support and present live music. I instantly fell  in love with the markets a few years ago as they are very whimsical and I love that. I enjoy my visits to all their festivals.

Furry Fair is a new world created by PotPourri Markets, with the collaboration of Athora Toxx (PIX’L). A world dedicated to furries. There will great live music , djs , freebies and more!

There are also two amazing galleries in the sky reached by clouds, find the clouds and you will find works by French artist Patrick Moya ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Moya) as well as Athora Toxx, both have amazing and very different styles.

Furry Fair opens on March 1st…

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